The Importance Of Building Quality Index Backlinks

Published on by Anthony Johnes

When you take a look at the SEO articles created by Google or even when you check the Youtube Google Webmasters videos you definitely wonder if Index Backlinks are truly important for a site’s rank. Well, you might not have all the tools that professional companies such as linkprocessor have, however you can still make a great job if you have the right information within reach. The more you know the better, especially when we are talking about SEO content, since it changes and becomes even more different every single passing day. Keep in touch with the best companies and trustworthy articles and know why building quality index backlinks is so important for your site or even blog.


It is always important to maintain yourself updated, especially when we think about SEO!


If you have ever studied SEO and how deep and complex it can turn out to be, you will have definitely have heard of backlinks, you know there are things you must do in your pages, that's called "on-page optimisation", and external things to your site, called "off-page optimization".

Although there are a number of tactics that fall into the category of off-page optimization, the most important thing is to build quality backlinks. Such backlinks will have people from over the web find your site and then connect and know you!

A backlink occurs whenever an image, a piece of text or the URL of your site is called "back" to your website from others.

The best links are those that are "one-way", meaning that a site links for you, but you don't give back to them. This can be beneficial for "trade links" (called reciprocal links) with other webmaster with the purpose of winning the traffic to the site, but it's not a strategy that will improve the position of your website in search engines.

As each page of your website must be optimized for 1 to 3 keywords, it is better to build "links" anchor text (i.e. text links, hypertext links, hyperlinks, contextual links) that include the keywords you target.

The more links you build, the better your rank for the terms contained in the links.

Here's a perfect example of this in real life:

If you search the term, "click here", you'll find a page that gives you access to the free Adobe Reader software (a page outside of in first position!


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