Best methods to get Google to index backlinks

Published on by Anthony Johnes

Links are still the main way Google uses to decide your site’s position on the page and that’s why it’s very important to make sure that Google does index backlinks that are new. Each time a Googlebot goes over your site it rewrites the new information and it updates your information in Google index.

Let’s say that your backlinks are starting to pile up and everything is good, they are all natural, but your site doesn’t seem to move. Usually this happens because Google hasn’t visited your site in a while. It will get to you too eventually but you can send it invitations, flagging your availability to be checked. After the Googlebot comes it will analyze and index backlinks that are new and it will give you a bump on the search results page. It is also possible to improve your ranking based on these new backlinks.

How to get Google to visit your site?  

According to there are a few ways you can let Google know you want to be visited more often. We are going to shortly discuss a few methods that are more popular and the rest you can discover in the article mentioned above. 

  • The first thing you can do, to make sure Google sees you, is to update your site regularly. The optimum update rate is 3 times per week if you can’t do it every day. This way your site remains active and Google knows that it needs to come by more often. This way, when you’ll need Google to index backlinks it will be there faster.
  • Make sure that there is no duplicate content on your site. This will keep the Googlebot busy and it stays on your page only a limited period of time. If the bot is busy figuring out your content it will never get to those fresh links. Also duplicate content is very bad for your rank and position in the search result.
  • Try to get more backlinks from sites that are visited more often. Sites that have a high updater rate and many visitors are visited more often by the Googlebot and you could take advantage of that. As it checks the backlinks for that site, it will check your site too. If everything is in order with your site you’ll see the boost you were expecting to happen.  

There are other techniques you can try to make Google come and index backlinks on your site but these are the most popular and easy to understand. 

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